Older Persons Resilience Project (My Generation)

What is the Resilience Project?

Do you need support with housing, health or vocational activities?

We are aware that life can be challenging, trying to juggle a home, family, relationships, money, work and education and all of these can affect our health and wellbeing.

Resilience is building your strength to bounce back.

At Mind, our approach to resilience identifies three key elements:

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What is wellbeing?

A positive state of mind and body, feeling safe and able to cope, with a sense of connection with people, communities and the wider environment.

What are Social Connections?

The connections that we have with other people; families, friends, colleagues and those within our communities.

What does it involve?

The Resilience Project supports you to help yourself and involves:

  • Meeting up with a specialist worker on a one to one basis
  • Attending resilience courses within your local community.

Who can take part?

The service is free to those who are referred through Cynon Taf Community Housing Group or those in receipt of Supporting People

Where is it?

The sessions will take place in your home or a venue that is suitable to you in your local community and will be at a time that is convenient for you.