Prepare to Care Experience

Prepare to care is our flagship training project that is delivered throughout Merthyr Tydfil and Rhondda Cynon Taf, taking meaningful learning into the heart of the community. Below we have some learner’s feedback.


‘I first came on the course for company, as I am retired and suffering with ill health myself.  After the second week I found I was feeling more content with myself at home as I realised that I was not alone and should not feel guilty as guilt is a killer as other people had had similar caring experiences as myself.  The anger I felt was consuming me, because I felt I had not done enough, as I had been a carer and had been responsible for my mother, not getting paid but through my love and knowledge of her and knowing her wishes and thoughts. However, since the course I realise I had done all I could and could not have done more.  It’s a pity that I had to wait for a year after her death to find out about this course, just because the person died there should be support for the carer after, not be left alone like I felt.

I wish I knew 5 years ago about our rights and what we were going to go through.

I would like to recommend the course as it has provided help and provided a release my feelings for the first time.  I feel better and less angry in myself.  The course has helped me gain peace of mind and a form of therapy.

This course has helped me pass onto my younger siblings what I have learnt myself to try and help them find peace of mind like myself, as we were only family and only human.’


‘I came on Prepare to Care to build my confidence and meet other people.  I suffer with depression and have done for over 30 years, I have shut myself away at times and have come on courses to help with day to day life and trying to stay involved in my community.

Prepare to Care is helping me feel part of the community, instead of a problem, as I have felt about myself in the past.  As I get older, I need care and attention and it’s good to know about what my rights are and it has been a great help.  If I am able to get a job at the end of the course then great! But if not, I have enjoyed learning and feeling a part of a group again.

I look forward to coming every week.

I think this course should be offered to nurses and all professionals to provide knowledge about caring for others.  I don’t think anyone should be exempt from this training as it covers so many issues which are important.’


‘I am originally from The Republic of Moldova, having been a carer for my grandparents throughout my young childhood and adult life.  Because in Moldova and Romania there are no opportunities to work after study we teenagers go abroad to find a job with an acceptable salary to live and to help our parents, so we can support them as they have supported us with our studies. Most teenagers they work in a caring role abroad.  I travelled to Italy and was a carer for elderly ladies with dementia and without mobility.  I now live in Merthyr Tydfil and have applied for different caring roles and have taken part in Prepare to Care which I am enjoying and learning many things which will be useful for myself and at the same time to apply within a caring role if I am lucky to get a job.

I am enjoying making lots of new friends and gaining lots of new knowledge and it is good to mix well with different ages in my group and sharing lots of experiences.’

If you would like to participate in Prepare to care please contact Kay on 01685 353991