Prepare to Care ~ Case Study (taken from Carer’s Newsletter issue 17)

Do you have an interest in caring for others?
Wish to learn more?
is a flagship training project throughout Merthyr
Tydfil and Rhondda Cynon Taf, taking meaningful learning into the
heart of the community. Below is a Case Study from a participant on
the course:
Whilst taking part in Prepare to Care and exploring the Principles and
Values of Care, the learner became aware that he along with his wife
were actually informal carer’s for their family member and had been for
quite some time.
The carer felt, that this was identified whilst having the opportunity to
take part in the training, as it had for the first time opened his eyes to
their situation, to the fact that they had certain rights as carers and was
grateful, to have signposting to enable them to have access to carers
leads in their area, which for them was the very first time.
The carer explained, how helpful it was to gain confidence knowing
they now have rights to handle certain delicate situations within the
care home, which involved their loved one.
An example, was gaining the confidence to raise the issue of personal
grooming on behalf of their loved one, as the lady had always been
very proud of her appearance but they had noticed that people can be
sat for days and weeks without this personal and important issue being
attended to.
The carer said he now feels empowered knowing he has rights to help
support his loved one and speak on her behalf.
The carer felt the introduction of the topic of person centred approach,
had made him really think of how to use different approaches which can
support his loved one such as issues around how important it is for social
interaction for those bed bound and hard of hearing and how to raise
these issues in a delicate way which supports his loved one within care.
If you would like to learn more about Prepare to Care or if you would
like to participate in the course, please contact:
Kay Maybank
Prepare to Care Coordinator
01685 353991