Personal Independence Payment Feedback

The PIP project was developed in order to assist people with understanding the changes being made to Disability Living Allowance and aid the transition process.

PIP has helped many people reach a successful outcome with 100% positive outcomes on claims where a decision has been made.

Below we have some comments on the experiences of the Personal Independence Payment Project and the impact it has made.

Service User Feedback


‘PIP has enabled me to pursue my old hobbies which gives me a better quality of life.’
‘PIP has enabled me to secure the deposit on a privately rented flat with my girlfriend in a new part of the country, giving me a new start and greater well-being.’
‘PIP has given me a better quality of life. I am now financially enabled and less dependent on the people I live with.’
‘PIP has enabled me to have food in my cupboards. The backdated monies allowed me to clear my rent arrears and my anxieties have greatly reduced.’


If you need help with your Personal Independence Payment Claim then please contact our PIP Advocate, Alison on 01685 353996 or 07794436920.


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