Crystal Trophy Award

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This is Andrew and Deborah Thorne who took part in Prepare to Care. They live within the newly opened Ty Cwm Extra Care, which supports independent living in Merthyr Tydfil.

Andrew has Multiple Sclerosis and Deborah has Cerebral Palsy, they celebrate their Wedding Anniversary in July and for the last 11 years caring for each other,  Deborah has cared for Andrew with devotion, dedication, dignity and respect.

Deborah said “it was the best they did” “i never knew my husband was still capable of making decisions until he came on this course, as he was able to answer for himself questions within the learning” “this was a ground breaking moment”.
We celebrate and congratulate our 44 achievers to date but dedicate our Crystal Trophy Award to Andrew and Deborah as they epitomize the meaning of Prepare to Care and the Crystal Trophy Award.