Coping With Life Experiences

Following a lengthy undermining campaign of bullying by my manager at work I resigned as this situation had caused me severe stress and I became totally exhausted from the long hours spent trying to prove myself,  which in retrospect, I have come to see was a no win situation.

On reflection, this period of my life, reflected upon a similar life experience 20 years previously.  This was a period when my marriage ended through the effects of long term bullying and abuse.

Therefore, my intention was not to go on antidepressants, but to learn, about what had happened to me physically, emotionally and spiritually.  This was to enable me to change patterns within myself, which had left me open to abuse, which in turn had effected my mental health.

A turning point came, when speaking with my employment support advisor, who told me about the Coping with Life Workshops provided by Merthyr and the Valleys Mind.

Upon making contact by telephone with the Workshop facilitator, I felt very comfortable given the warm and understanding welcome I received.  This I felt was crucial, given my fragile and vulnerable state at the time and this warmth encouraged me to attend.

I took part in a series workshops, which were not only very professionally written and presented, but felt easy, educational, no pressure and very enlightening – a light bulb moment for me. In fact, to the point, that I attended a repeat course for reinforcement, as old habits die hard! The sessions encouraged group participation in case study scenarios and enabled participants, to contribute their life experiences, should they wish, in an objective and positive way without going into their own stories.

New skills were learnt in how to look at situations in another way, particularly for people suffering with anxiety and depression, which showed how help was available to break the cycles. Little steps make great strides and as a guru once said – the journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.

Through these workshops, I have undertaken other courses, each providing another part of the jigsaw to my recovery such as “Stress Management”.

I have learnt to be myself, to speak my own truth, to let go of others problems and that the only person I can fix is me.

I actively recommend these workshops and would encourage those needing support, through such difficulties as mine, to take advantage of this gift of learning and put the happiness back in your life……