Coping with Life Participant Experiences

Coping With Life


Coping with Life is a series of brief 2 hour workshops providing learning techniques and skills to help cope with stress.

These are the views and experiences of service users currently attending our Coping With Life course.


Participant 1

“I would recommend the Coping with Life Workshops as they have helped me greatly in my personal situation as I have bi-polar and feel down a lot of the time and suffer with stress.  The techniques I have learnt on the course have put me in good stead to be more positive in my life and the unhelpful thinking habits and wheel of emotion have helped me think differently in my life. I have felt I want to go out and do more things and realise the way to feel better is to get out and see my friends, go to gigs and realise that they would like to see me as much as I see them.  I have decided to make a “smart” change and tonight I will go and see Lacertilia my friends band, since missing out for many, many months.  I would like to thank Merthyr and the Valleys Mind and hope they continue to help other people out like myself”.

Participant 2

“Coming along to the Coping with Life Workshops have helped me immensely since it has helped me be a better parent and better person and other people have seen the change in me.  I am smiling more and wake up nice and bright in the mornings, as before I would wake and say “have I got to start another day” but since the workshops, I have started putting a square peg in a square hole.  I am so much more relaxed and to be honest, feel like a different person.  The Workshops have been a big part of this improvement and also being able to come along to support from Merthyr and the Valleys Mind.  I used to walk with my head down to the floor but now its high sitting pretty.”


For more information on our local Coping With Life Workshops please contact

Kay Maybank on 01685 353991