Coping With Life

Coping With Life Participant Views

“I came on the workshops as my anxiety was getting worse and having panic attacks were effecting my everyday life.

I have attended all the workshops to date and have found them worthwhile and very, very helpful.

During the build up to attending I was really worried about other people but I have found the Workshops very friendly and relaxing. For the first time in a long time I have confidence to speak and chat to others over a cup of tea and I know this might sound stupid to some people but for the first time in ages I had the courage to talk to others about how I was feeling and did not feel silly.

I have found the breathing and muscle relaxation exercises really helpful as I suffer with physical problems and the techniques have helped make me feel calm and I have been practicing them during my normal every day sometimes twice or three times a day.

I would recommend that my carer attended in the future as I have found this whole experience so helpful”.