Blooming Monday Campaign

Blooming Monday Campaign


MHRUK started a new January campaign in 2013 to raise awareness of depression and seasonal affective disorder.  It is going to be an annual event! Wear your brightest clothes to work on ‘Blue Monday’, 20th January 2014!  Get your workplace to participate!




‘Blue Monday’ is the third Monday in January. It is gloomy, dark, and allegedly the most depressing day of the year. Blue Monday comes after the Christmas festivities have ended, it is a long time until Spring, and typically people feel rather low on what is often a cold, grey day. Yet despite our increasingly lengthy winters, most people tend to wear dark clothes, especially to work.


The concept of MHRUK’s campaign is simple; we ask everyone to wear their brightest clothes that day. Even if workplaces usually require sombre attire, we hope that on this one day a year employees will be encouraged to brighten up.  MHRUK hopes to make a big visual impact on Blue Monday each year. So on Monday 20th January 2014 inject some unexpected colour and joy. Instead of Blue Monday, it will become Blooming Monday! Ditch the greys and drab attire – wear bright clothes for charity on Blue Monday!


Taken from Mental Health Research UK

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